Automated Rendering Pipeline


Type of project:
Web-based platform to perform automated 3D rendering

3 months plus further support and extension

Release date:
August 2018



From May 2018 till August 2018 I developed a custom software for a 3D product visualization startup to make batch rendering of product variants easy to setup and completely automated to run.

The idea behind the platform is that there are products which have several sorts and are sold in several countries with different languages. E.g. you have a product with 10 sorts in 10 languages for which you need 3 renderings. This makes a total of 300 renderings. Instead of having to manually exchange labels and other minor differences between the 3D models, the platform allows to quickly setup which things to exchange. After this setup the renderings are executed fully automated by distributing the rendering jobs on to available rendering machines.

The frontend is developed with Angular, the backend uses Node.js. The backend server communicates directly with the available rendering machines to start rendering jobs on them and get back the current rendering status. It supports several rendering programs (Cinema 4D, Boxshot, Owlet) and can be extended easily to support more.


  • Web platform with Angular
  • Backend server with Node.js
  • Setup of automated renderings via web interface
  • Fully automated renderings after initial setup
  • Support of different rendering software and easy extendable


  • Implementation of features in the backend with Javascript
  • Implementation of features in the frontend with Typescript
  • Database development with MySQL


presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks