The first traces of Christian's coding date back to the 90s. He started programming with QBasic, but quickly moved forward to C++. It was a hobby at first, but before his successful final secondary-school examinations, he realized that he could turn his hobby into his profession. So he went to Constance, Germany, at the beautiful Lake of Constance to study Software Engineering in 2004.


During his studies he made the decision to go completely crazy by specializing on exactly that thing which he was most excited about his whole life: The awesome field of game development. He even got the chance to take his first steps in the game industry during an internship at Bright Future, Cologne. There he was part of the successful football manager series "Fussballmanager" which was published by EA Sports. That was his way into this great industry which he is now part of.

So after he finished his studies in 2008 with a final grade of 1.2 he joined Spellbound Entertainment to help developing ArcaniA - Gothic 4 (http://www.arcania-game.com) for PC and Xbox 360.

Moving to Hamburg

In 2010 ArcaniA was published and Christian moved on to Hamburg where he found a city that really feels like home to him and which is the perfect work environment due to its big game industry.

He joined Ticking Bomb Games where he was part of the development of Kartuga (http://www.kartuga.de), an action-oriented free-2-play 3D browser MMO which should have been published mid 2013 but was unfortunately canceled after the closed beta.

Founding something new

Even before moving to Hamburg he had the goal to start something on his own. During his first years in Hamburg this initial idea evolved to a plan. While playing football in the park he met Nick Prühs and with him he found a great Co-Founder. Their goal was to set up a new, independent game company and create innovative mobile games with Unity3D. In February 2013 they found Slash Games and finally started working on their own games. To fund their games and themselves they provided their programming power for several mobile games of other developers.

Events and Networking

It was a great time and besides their programming they also did a big deal of organizing events to bring developers closer together and help making Hamburg a better place especially for small studios. It started with a Startup Weekend Gaming in November 2013 to give young entrepreneurs a place to meet Co-Founders. In 2014 the Hamburger Indie Treff (http://www.indietreff.de/hamburg) was found together with some fellow Indie developers. In 2015 the Indie Gameleon Festival happened in Hamburg, a conference in particular for small studios and single Indie developers.

All good things come to an end

In May 2016 Nick decided to leave Slash Games to become Technical Director at Daedalic Entertainment. Christian continued the company as a freelancer on his own, but was already looking for a team to start a new company.

VR and Gaming

In October 2016 he joined Richard Blöcher and 4 other enthusiasts to found a startup in the emerging Virtual Reality area. Although the technology was there already, the consumer market was just starting to grow. Nonetheless they decided to start, so they could gain experience and do some research. Their VR digital agency called Vriction was found in May 2017 and they were well prepared to design, develop and publish great VR experiences.

While the VR market unfortunately got stuck, they worked with the fashion label Ella Deck from Hamburg to develop a first version of their fashion technology to make clothing pictures from catalogs "intelligent" so they can be combined to whole looks.

In December 2018 Christian left the company because there weren't any follow-up projects in sight for their fashion technology.

Your friendly neighbourhood developer

In 2019 Christian started freelancing on his own, now focusing on web development. There are many interesting projects to be developed in Hamburg, so he won't get bored for sure! If you have one, get in touch!